Welcome to the training portal for Cognitive Enhancement Therapy. This site was developed based on support provided by Community Care Behavioral Health Organization, and is intended to be accessed by mental health professionals who are learning CET.

At this site professionals will find:

  • Presentations on the CET approach and its methods
  • Video demonstrations on the application of CET components, including computer-based neurocognitive training and social-cognitive group sessions
  • Fidelity tools to check learning and application
  • Information on how to implement CET using this site and how to obtain the training manual by Hogarty and Greenwald (2006)

This site is designed to be used in conjunction with the CET training manual, and practitioners are discouraged from relying solely on this training portal for their learning.

Site Access

Access to the materials in this training portal is limited to mental health professionals. To obtain access complete the training request form, where you will be asked to submit a copy of your resume, license, and information about your practice setting.

Please note that CET is not a treatment that can be implemented by individual practitioners, and given the comprehensiveness of the program its implementation is most feasible in multi-practitioner agencies, centers, and institutions.

This site was developed with support from Community Care Behavioral Health Organization